May 6, 2010 — EIN Presswire, the press release distribution wing of EIN News media services, is pleased to announce enhancements to its industry-focused press release service. Now clients can take advantage of new features to suit their news distribution and SEO needs while enjoying the same low price.

As an advanced SEO feature, EIN Presswire has added anchor text linking to its service. Designed to help small businesses with their SEO efforts, the anchor text links enable users to hyperlink keywords in their press releases, helping readers identify select words in the press release with the sender’s desired URL.

EIN Presswire also announces its new self-service bulk press release packages. Whether one is a PR professional who has multiple clients or has a business that needs to send a volume of press releases each month, bulk accounts give users both big discounts and access to more than 90 industry channels through the EIN News network of publications.

In addition to a redesign of the site, EIN Presswire also has introduced a new user-control panel to help members track their press releases and the industry channels they were distributed on.

Sending a press release with EIN Presswire still costs only $49.95, and with more than 90 industry channels, users can find the press release distribution channel that’s right for them. Learn more at

About EIN Presswire
The EIN Presswire press release service is a news-syndication solution that distributes news to more than 10 million visitors annually at EIN News and millions more through its press release distribution partners. A news source for journalists, decision-makers and industry professionals worldwide, EIN Presswire targets press releases to a wide array of worldwide business professionals through more than 90 industry channels. EIN Presswire also offers affiliate network opportunities and news distribution to tens of thousands of news subscribers daily. Read the press release live feed at and the latest world news at