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Winter Haven, FL – An apparent murder-suicide occurred within Winter Haven Hospital on Monday, May 10, 2010, as reported by www.clickorlando.com. An elderly man is believed to have taken the life of his wife, who was a patient within the facility, and then taken his own life inside the hospital.

Raymon Duckworth, 77, was visiting Patricia Duckworth, 76, when the murder-suicide allegedly happened. Officials found the bodies after hearing shots fired from the medical surgery floor.

Police are attempting to piece together a timeline of events that led to the shooting. They interviewed employees and potential witnesses. Authorities report that there were no eye witnesses to the event, but that there may be ear witnesses.

Joel Thomas, the hospital’s vice president, confirmed that Patricia was a patient at the hospital, but would not comment on what she was being treated for.

Local news channel ABC 7 – WZVN reported that the woman was believed to have suffered a stroke a month ago. A hospital administrator revealed to the station that the woman was in a surgical recovery room.

A neighbor reported that Patricia had been hospitalized for a bad fever and fluid around her heart. The neighbor also reported that Mr. Duckworth was always with her.

The hospital was placed on a high security alert for a brief time following the shooting.

The alert was quickly lifted after the gun was found.

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