New York City based divorce mediation lawyer explains things to remember in Preparing for Divorce Mediation

NYC divorce mediation lawyer YS Mediation discusses ways to ensure that one is prepared for mediation.

/ May 15, 2010 (Press Release) Divorce mediation is increasingly becoming more widely used as an alternative to court based practices for reaching a settlement. However, many couples are unaware of what to expect from this process or what preparations should be made beforehand. Manhattan conflict resolution center, YS Mediation, has outlined three key areas of focus for helping participants in divorce mediation ensure that they are prepared for the process, for more effective decision making.

Preparing for Mediation

Preparing for mediation is an important step in the process for making sure that settlements reached are in line with goals and needs of both parties, and do not appear one sided. The following are three key things to consider before sitting down with a mediator.

•Research the process – Gathering background information and conferring with a mediator beforehand helps parties know what to expect from the process, and what further preparations should be made.
•Assemble financial information – Gathering important financial documents and other information beforehand will make the mediation process more efficient. It will help couples spend less time sifting through paperwork, and more time focusing on the terms they wish to include in their agreements.
•Work through the grief- Emotional battles should be fought prior to mediation so that agreements reached can be mutually decided in a way that leaves both parties satisfied.

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