Wholesale Insurance, a life insurance company, offers term life insurance online. The company has recently added numerous informational resources to the site that will help customers to better compare available life insurance policies.

/EINPresswire.com/ ROSEVILLE, CA — The online life insurance brokerage company, Wholesale Insurance, has announced major informational additions to its website. This new information will help visitors and customers of Wholesale Insurance make more informed decisions on the type of life insurance that is best for them.

Visitors to site can research the price from several companies for purchasing term life insurance online.

“Our website has allowed visitors to compare life insurance policies that are available for many years. Now with the information and tools available on the website they can better understand what they need in their life insurance policy. This in turn will ensure that they have the best coverage in place to protect their family and home in case something was to happen,” said Jon Pinney, Marketing Director of Wholesale Insurance (http://www.wholesaleinsurance.net).

With the changes to the site, Wholesale Insurance has become an excellent central resource for everything regarding life insurance policies. The ‘Understanding Life Insurance’ section of the website will help visitors better understand exactly what life insurance is. The section provides an Information and Research Library that ensures those looking to make a life insurance purchase better understand the details of the buying process and the many ways that life insurance is used. Another section defines the difference between quotes and rates and why numbers can be different between the two. Visitors can also find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as consumer reports.

Life insurance tools, including a life insurance calculator, are available on the site to assist visitors in finding out how much coverage they really need. Many agents or consultants use a standard format when figuring the amount of coverage that would be best. In most cases the minimum amount of life insurance coverage should be 8 to 10 times the annual salary of the insured. Individuals with a lot of debt, business obligations or several children should look for insurance coverage that is 12 to 15 times that insured’s annual income. The site provides both a basic and advanced calculator. The advanced calculator will provide a more accurate suggestion for insurance coverage.

Along with the informational changes to the site, Wholesale Insurance has improved the site’s navigation. Most resources throughout the site are available to visitors within just a few clicks. This means that visitors will have more efficient access to information and will be able to obtain life insurance quotes more easily.

Wholesale Insurance has also added a new blog, the Life Insurance News Center, to the website. This section provides the latest news happening in the annuities, health insurance and life insurance industries.

About Wholesale Insurance:
Wholesale Insurance was created to help families find the best term life insurance online. Their site allows visitors to compare life insurance rates from various companies. Wholesale Insurance is an independent life insurance agency which allows them to sell policies from many different life insurance companies ensuring their customers get the best policy for the best price.

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