Sandra Carrington-Smith’s first novel, The Book of Obeah, announced as winner in International Book Awards’ Multicultural Fiction Category at

/ (Raleigh, NC—June 3, 2010) — O-Books Publishing proudly introduces ‘The Book of Obeah,’ by Sandra Carrington-Smith, her first novel and winner of the International Book Award 2010 for Multicultural Fiction, announced at the recent Book Expo America in NYC.

‘The Book of Obeah,’ released in June 2010, is a spiritual thriller set in post-Katrina New Orleans, where the heroine, Melody Bennet, is plunged into the clandestine world of an ancient West African religion — via the Louisiana bayou. In unearthing a mysterious religious manuscript, Melody collides with those seeking powers believed to be contained within the text, from The Vatican to individuals claiming it as their legacy. As her knowledge grows and perceptions shift, Melody’s path is fused with that of the sacred book and an esoteric, divine prophecy.

There are timely messages interwoven in the story regarding current and historical events, especially given the developing crisis of the BP Gulf oil spill. ‘The Book of Obeah’ appeals to the avid mystery reader, as well as those interested in a sophisticated spiritual novel and prophecies. The novel is infused with Ms. Carrington-Smith’s philosophy that, “We are all truly connected, and it’s time to neutralize our fear of the unknown.” The tagline for the novel expresses the author’s deeply held belief that “the fate of all rests with a Universal Awakening.”

About Sandra Carrington-Smith

Sandra Carrington-Smith is a popular daily inspirational blogger, author, and self-titled ‘life observer,’ currently living in North Carolina with her family. A native of Italy, Sandra grew up in a fascinating environment: her father is a devout Catholic, her mother a Voodoo priestess, her maternal grandmother a Strega witch (a centuries-old practice of Italian witchcraft), and her paternal grandmother a Christian healer.

She is currently promoting both ‘The Book of Obeah’ and her nonfiction title, ‘Housekeeping for the Soul,’ and regularly interacts with her readers on her community website.

The book is available for purchase at traditional booksellers; the e-book version is coming soon. Visit for more information about the book; to learn more about Sandra Carrington-Smith, please visit, or to schedule an interview contact Dena Patrick at One Voice Rising.

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