…for assistance in home buying. 

/EINPresswire.com/ Orlando, FL, June 7, 2010 — With the deadline for contracts to be signed for the $8,000 tax credit eligibility for homeowners now a thing of the past, first time homebuyers are turning to some traditional assistance programs, as well as some new forms of assistance.

Although the process is not always easy– there are different stipulations and requirements involved in the various programs– experienced real estate agents are getting these deals done. Part of the difficulty in navigating the programs comes from the fact that there are a number of assistance programs available. Each county has its own down payment assistance program, the city of Orlando has its own program, federal stimulus funds exist in the form of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, and there are also funds often available from other programs, such as the USDA. Each of these programs carries with it a unique set of guidelines and also varying amounts of assistance.

Castro Realty Group, a local real estate company which has been serving Orlando for over 10 years, has closed a large number of these transactions for both English speaking and Spanish speaking buyers. According to broker Marcia Castro-Socas, “We work with many buyers each month who come looking for down payment assistance funds. After understanding their particular needs we are able to help them determine which assistance program would work best for them, and we cater their home searches accordingly.” Down payment assistance programs often require more time for financing than traditional purchases, and some may come with clauses requiring repayment if a buyer moves out of, or sells, the home prior to a certain timeframe.

“It is so rewarding to be able to help these creditworthy buyers, who otherwise might not have been able to purchase their first home, to realize their family’s dream at today’s affordable price.” said Jim Chuba, of Castro Realty Group. In order to help simplify the many down payment assistance options to their buyers, Castro Realty Group has dedicated a portion of their website specifically to review some of the existing down payment assistance programs and their criteria
www.castrorealtygroup.com/downpaymentassistance .

Marcia is considered an expert in down payment assistance programs and has spoken as the real estate expert at certification classes for both the city and the county.

For more information contact Marcia Castro Socas, 321-228-9967, [email protected], www.castrorealtygroup.com. Marcia is available for interviews.