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Successful Animal Pest Control Without Poisons

Learn how to use non toxic methods for safe gopher, mole and all animal control and to learn effective alternatives to poisons!

Thomas Wittman, Gophers Limited, www.gopherslimited.com
Brent Green, Nophers Gopher Wire Katia and Alex Velasquez , Nature’s Elements Landscape Design

June 12th, 9 AM to Noon Santa Cruz Live Oak Green Grange 1900 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz CA

– Lecture and Trapping Demo – this one is going to be great as we will be teaching trapping in the large garden and orchard on the Grange grounds in addition to the indoor lecture. Also Brent Green, Owner of Edible Landscapes and inventor of Nophers gopher Baskets and wire as well as Katia and Alex of Nature’s Elements Landscape and Design will give short presentations.

This empowering seminar will give you the information and tools to take control of the animal pest problems in the garden and farm without resorting to poisons. Covered will be, of course, gopher and mole control using liquids, barriers, sound devices, smoke bombs and especially the effective use of traps focusing on the surface method trapping strategy with the Cinch trap and also live trapping. Other pest animals that will be discussed are rats, rabbits, ground squirrels, deer, raccoons and skunks. Nophers will talk about the effective use of gopher baskets and especially the merits of his invention, the stainless steel gopher basket. Natures Elements will give a visual tour of the amazing landscapes they have recently created focusing on gopher resistance. This is a great workshop for
farmers, ranchers and vineyards. I have trained many crews and have been able to show that “Surface Trapping” gophers can be as effective as poisons. Pacific Vineyards in San louis Obisbo (30,000 acres) has switched from Phostoxin to trapping with great success.

Register early to be sure to get in at www.gopherslimited.com or call 831-335-2400

About Gophers Limited

Gophers Limited of Felton, California (831-335-2400) is dedicated to the humane and efficient resolution of human and animal conflicts. Established in 1999, primarily focusing on gopher and mole control, Gophers Limited has expanded into resolving any human and animal conflict that results in damage in ways that do not degrade
the environment and water resources.

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