/EINPresswire.com/ SingleOS ( http://www.singleos.com ) announced the addition of IP based virtual hosting service to its enterprise cloud automation platform Fuscan Linux Cloud (fuscan.com/enterprise-hosting-automation). Fuscan features a High Availability, load-balanced system fully automated with cPanel/WHM hosting control panel.

SingleOS ( http://www.singleos.com ) announced that it completed the integration of IP based virtual hosting service with cPanel/WHM in its Fuscan EHA (fuscan.com/enterprise-hosting-automation) cloud automation platform. EHA is an automation layer part of Fuscan Linux Cloud (fuscan.com). It enables running different hosting automation software on top of the Fuscan Cloud platform.

Now the web hosting companies using Fuscan LBC (fuscan.com/key-advantages) based enterprise hosting infrastructures can provide their customers with highly available, load-balanced E-Commerce Hosting delivered from the Cloud.

Fuscan’s load-balancer automatically detects new IP addresses added in cPanel and configures the load-balancing for the services running on those IPs. In case of compute node failure the load-balancer excludes the failed server from the operational group of processing nodes.

Fuscan Cloud offers High Availability to cPanel hosting providers

Fuscan Linux Cloud consists of three different software levels – LBC, VDC and EHA. Put together they set up a cloud computing class enterprise hosting automation platform. SingleOS claims that “Fuscan is the most affordable Linux based cloud platform anyone can find on the market”. The company says that it allows web hosts, content providers, and other SaaS providers to easily build private and public clouds, and automate the management of IT infrastructures.

Fuscan Linux Cloud:
• Decreases expenditure on hardware
• Cuts costs on software licenses
• Saves financial resources on system management
• Requires less support effort
• Saves money on infrastructure expansion

Fuscan LBC is a load-balanced, shared root cluster (OS installation). It features software level redundancy (transparent service failover) and hardware level redundancy (power, cluster interconnect – when the system is deployed on a hardware recommended by SingleOS). It is naturally scalable and can be easily deployed of physical or virtual nodes.

“Fuscan deploys extremely fast, thus saving financial and human resources. It takes less management effort compared to any other enterprise hosting system on the market because it runs the same software versions across all nodes and features consistency of all software configurations. Using Fuscan businesses can build private or public clouds and automate the management of their IT infrastructures”, says the SingleOS’s CTO Stoyan Marinov, who is the software architect of the cloud automation platform.

Another product of Fuscan EHA (Enterprise Hosting Automation) is a High Availability system for cPanel/WHM. It enables hosting providers to create their own cloud infrastructures, to provide cPanel Cloud Hosting services in a load-balanced clustered environment, to optimize server management and to cut operational costs.

Where to meet SingleOS?

This year SingleOS presents its cloud automation technology on July 20th – 21st during the HostingCon 2010, which takes place in Austin, Texas. Fuscan is featured at booth #130. cPanel based web hosting providers that sign contracts to deploy Fuscan Linux Cloud during the HostingCon will save up to 40% of the annual cost of the Fuscan’s licenses.

SingleOS’s team will attend at cPanel Conference 2010 Automation Bootcamp, October 4th – 6th in Houston, Texas. Providers of cPanel hosting that are about to sign contracts before October 7th will get better pricing on licensing and Extended Support at lower rates.

More About Fuscan Linux Cloud

Beta version of SingleOS’s Fuscan Linux Cloud has been released prior to HostingCon 2009. The company’s cloud automation platform debuted as Silver Sponsor of the conference. SingleOS become signing new partners in February 2010. Before June 1st SingleOS LLC signed agreement to deploy its cloud automation platfrom with 14 hosting providers in United States, Canada, Netherlands, UK, Croatia, and Bulgaria.

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