Author JC De La Torre talks about his new short story collection Nightmares from Eberus and the Controversy it’s generated in the religious community.

WESLEY CHAPEL, FLORIDA – Religious groups that are typically against odds both agree that JC De La Torre’s new short story collection, Nightmares From Eberus, is offensive to both Christians and Muslims.

In one story, Killing Osama, the New York Mafia is trying to exact revenge against a terrorist group led by a leader that goes by the name Osama. During the course of the story, Muslims are tortured Jack Bauer style in attempt to learn the whereabouts of the leader. Islamic extremists are also painted as being manipulated by evil.

In another, De La Torre writes that Lucifer, also known as Satan or the Devil, is actually an imprisoned hero.

Both stories have created uproar in religious communities even before its June 29th release.

In a candid interview conducted on his website, De La Torre, best known for his critically successful Rise of the Ancients saga, makes no apologies to those of Christian or Islamic faith.

“I did nothing to insult the religious faith of Islam” De La Torre said, “And I think the view of Extremism being evil is shared throughout the world,”

For Christians upset with the portrayal of Lucifer as good, De La Torre offers no acts of contrition.

“Modern theology has cast Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil as one in the same. Lucifer and Satan were two different angels,” De La Torre said, “Satan was created by God to tempt man…and he’s damn good at it. Lucifer remains in exile – but he was never evil, just prideful. Believe me, if pride made you evil, we all have a ticket to Hell.”

The lengthy interview also discusses his faith and future projects for the author.

Nightmares From Eberus is an ebook exclusive release that
will impact IPad IBookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and most e-book outlets on Tuesday, June 29th.

Individual stories from the collection are available to websites and magazines for reprint.

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