Oct. 5, 2010 — Take grass roots campaigning to a higher level by following the values and principles of the 420 Project, a non-partisan, non-violent, all-volunteer, non-organized organization committed to ensuring personal liberty.

According to 4-20 Project founder Rufus “Junior” Hickman, Jr., one-time Tea Party hopeful and full-time independent contractor, anyone can be a member of the 4.20 Project if they believe that the principles and values of the 4/20 Project are things they can mostly not argue loudly against in the hopes for a better tomorrow for America.

“The constitution of this non-Constitution is to protect the Constitution, even the parts we don’t like, and change this perfect document if necessary to serve the good of the country, as our Founding Fathers told us we should do so many years ago when they started amending it. We must unite this country to share and believe in our principles, and do so by force if necessary, because they are good and just.”

The 4.2.0 Project, Rufus says, is about principles, about being a person of principles, about having them nearby in case you need them, hopefully where you can grab them without getting up to get them.

Some 420 Project Principles
— America is the bestest nation in the world that doesn’t allow you to smoke out.
— Since we believe everything from God is good, marijuana must be good, even if the ditchweed Jesus grows wildly isn’t, in itself, great.
— If you break the law, you pay the penalty, unless that law is bs or some cop has got it out for you.
— People must understand that American life is not about them (the government) vs. us (us). It’s about working together to make this country a better place, a place in which the civilians are not constantly guilty until proven innocent, especially when what you like to do in the privacy of your own home or at a sporting event is to just sit around and get high.

Some 420 Project Vales

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