Seattle, Washington USA – October 5, 2010 — While North America and Europe have seen a gradual leveling off of new coffee shop openings in the past few years, statistics show that international growth is hotter than a fresh brewed Americano. While coffee giants like Starbucks and Nescafé seem to be leading the charge in international expansion, the real news is from a Seattle based company flying below the radar but making noise as it seeks out master licensees. Jade Bronze Coffee House is a refreshingly different model than its corporate counterparts.
Ron DeMiglio, Jade Bronze founder and CEO, founded and grew one of the first and largest international lines of master licensed coffee shops. His new company in his words “…fills a void for aspiring gourmet coffee shop chain entrepreneurs throughout the world.” The Jade Bronze Coffee House structure is, in Mr. DeMiglio’s words, “…our answer to the one-sided business models offered in the industry today.”

DeMiglio, 51, isn’t a newcomer to international coffee. He has been in the international specialty coffee industry for over twenty years and has seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

“Over the past couple of decades, I’ve seen a lot of different models. My association with coffee shop chains in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Central and South America has shown me that there are better ways to run things as an American-based licensor… and sometimes that means not always ‘running’ things. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have marketing strategies, pricing structures or menu choices dictated solely from a head office in the U.S.

But for Ron and his company, it is more than just an operational issue; it’s an issue of cultural pride. “I have visited and worked in many countries where their coffee heritage and tradition goes back hundreds of years as opposed to the relatively recent emergence of gourmet coffee in America. At Jade Bronze, we choose to embrace that heritage instead of running roughshod over it. Rather than simply customizing our template with a cultural ‘wrapper’ we choose to integrate our model within their culture. So, instead of forcing our licensees to meet us where we are, we meet them and acknowledge not only their coffee heritage but also their ability to operate things effectively. We incorporate their rich history into the final model and work with competent domestic vendors in order to expand the business. That benefits everyone. A Jade Bronze Coffee House will possess all the elements that appeal to a new generation of coffee consumers while still being mindful of key areas that will make previous generations of coffee consumers feel honored and comfortable.” 

Ron DeMiglio is the founder and CEO of Jade Bronze, Inc. The Seattle-area based company is aggressively seeking qualified Master License relationships in key geographic regions of the world.

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