One SEO Mistake No Company Should Ever Make

Dallas SEO firm, One SEO Company, offers advice to professionals seeking to optimize the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns.

October 13, 2010 – SEO has grown to become a term frequently used outside of web technology circles due to an increasing reliance on online marketing for companies and professionals across multiple industries. Many companies seek out the search engine optimization services of experts; however, some fail to achieve maximum benefit from the services of some due to their disregard of the importance of a component that is integral to successful implementation of an online marketing campaign: optimized press release distribution. One SEO Company discusses the importance of optimized press release distribution when incorporating SEO.

The Value of Optimized Press Release Distribution

Optimized press release distribution is far more than simply releasing an announcement about one’s website, products, or service offerings. It entails developing an informative, well written news release targeted for the needs of those actively searching for what one’s company has to offer. Like optimized website content, an optimized press release includes targeted phrases and keywords that can generate links and increased traffic for one’s website, helping to achieve greater visibility throughout the web.

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About One SEO Company

One SEO Company is a Dallas Internet marketing and search engine optimization company that provides services for professionals, businesses, and organizations seeking to increase their presence on the web. The company is an innovator in the use of proven SEO techniques that have long helped clients achieve top page rankings on highly trafficked search engines like Google.

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