Leading payment processing company BluePay offers a wide range of advanced credit card terminals, equipment and services, including mobile credit card processing.

Naperville, ILL – BluePay, a leading provider of secure merchant account solutions, continues to help businesses grow in any industry with a wide range of advanced credit card processing solutions. With mobile credit card processing, among many other services, BluePay helps merchants improve profits wherever their business takes them. The ability to accept credit cards and debit cards from a cell phone makes it easy for merchants to take advantage of every sales opportunity during trade shows, community events, door-to-door efforts and more.

“With today’s rapidly advancing technology, processing credit cards has become more than the swipe-and-print transaction that many consumers have become accustomed to at most stores, restaurants and other establishments,” said Director of BluePay, Kristen Gramigna. “Now, merchants can process credit cards and debit cards from their cell phones, making it easy to accept payments where ever they go. At BluePay, we understand that business and sales prospects are everywhere, and our mobile credit card processing solutions allow merchants to seize every opportunity.”

Among BluePay’s credit card processing equipment, machines and services include traditional credit card terminals, wireless credit card terminals, e-commerce gateways, electronic invoicing and a free terminal program. BluePay also offers ROAMpay’s mobile processing solution, which allows merchants to download a mobile processing application to their current phone, eliminating the need to purchase new devices or hardware. Completing transactions securely involves entering credit card information into the phone and sending out the encrypted data for authorization. Receipts can be emailed to customers, and with some services, merchants can access reports and technical support through a mobile portal.

BluePay offers a wide variety of mobile credit card processing equipment, and is compatible with most major brands and mobile processing systems, such as Hypercom, Nurit, Verifone and more.

“Every business is unique, and thus requires a unique payment processing strategy that works effectively,” said Gramigna. “With BluePay’s wide selection of credit card equipment and processing capabilities, merchants can find the solution that is right for them.”

About BluePay: Providing the highest level of data security in the industry, BluePay (http://www.bluepay.com) helps merchants in the U.S. and Canada make payment processing simple and fast. BluePay is a full-service, Tier 1 merchant processing processor based in Naperville, Illinois, with offices and data centers located across the United States. The firm leverages extensive industry experience and a comprehensive suite of credit card merchant account services to provide a complete system of ACH payment processing and credit card processing solutions with competitive rates. Follow BluePay on Twitter (http://twitter.com/BluePay) for company and credit card processing industry updates.

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