Waianae, HI – Hawaii Hire Patriots, an Oahu-based organization serving US Military members, Veterans and their families via unique job assistance opportunities, has launched their new website. The website is an online portal connecting Veterans to job opportunities both within Hawai’i and nationally.

Wildly successful in the California area where it was begun six years ago, Hire Patriots has assisted thousands of Veterans and their families through their online portal, which is committed to helping them find employment opportunities. In an effort to benefit the Hawai’i Military community, Hawaii.HirePatriots.com is focused on realizing the same success in the Aloha State.

“My wife, Dana, and I were ecstatic when approached to be Hawai’i sponsors for this great cause. We believe serving Veterans with this website will also expand the awareness of our products and services across the state of Hawai’i,” says ITCM(SW) Paul ‘Spot’ Hileman USN(Ret), Owner of Secure Shopping Hawaii, local sponsor of Hawaii Hire Patriots. “As a Hawai’i resident and 30-year US Navy Veteran, partnering with Hire Patriots to bring these services to Hawai’i is another exciting piece of our mission to improve the lives of fellow Veterans, their families and our island community. We are looking forward to assisting thousands of Veterans from across the state find needed employment opportunities.” Dana adds “Our current mission is to get 100 jobs posted on the board by Veteran’s Day to kick off our site launch and as our way of saying thanks to these patriots.”

At the Hawaii.HirePatriots.com job board, individuals and businesses can post local One-Day to Full-Time jobs. Hawai’i companies are encouraged to post employment opportunities to the local and national job board. Hawai’i residents are encouraged to visit the site and post one-day to full-time listings for work they need done around their homes or businesses, so these patriots can view and apply online. Active off-duty service members, Veterans and their families routinely frequent the site searching for these job opportunities. There is no charge for posting or applying for jobs on www.Hawaii.HirePatriots.com.

Although the service itself is free, Hawai’i companies and organizations are encouraged to get involved through advertising sponsorship and posting jobs to the board. Hawaii Hire Patriots understands the need for job assistance for Veterans during these tough economic times where it can be months before an honorably discharged service member with years of experience is able to find a job to support themselves and their family.

“Hawaii has 45,567 active US Military personnel. The vast majority of these men and women are in the enlisted ranks. They have all served our country during a very difficult time. Paul and Dana Hileman have committed themselves to connecting residents and employers with these fine, patriotic Americans,” says Mark Baird, Founder of HirePatriots.com. Mark, accompanied by his wife, Tori, encourages their fellow Americans to get behind this cause. “If you have a job around your home or yard; or, if you have a full-time job, please post it on www.Hawaii.HirePatriots.com. This simple act of gratitude shows that you care about these defenders of our way of life. And, helping them to relieve some of their financial stress is a practical and meaningful way of saying Thanks.”

About Hawai’i Hire Patriots

Hawaii.HirePatriots.com helps Hawai’i active duty service members from all military branches, veterans and their families through linking them with short-term to career employment opportunities from across the Aloha state. We have a unique One-Day job board. Residents post jobs for work they need done around their homes or small businesses, while Hawai’i companies and organizations are encouraged to post employment opportunities for these deserving Veterans and families.

Visitors to www.Hawaii.HirePatriots.com will find more information regarding the mission of Hire Patriots and are welcome to join in the conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Dana and ITCM(SW) Paul ‘Spot’ Hileman
[email protected]