Los Angeles, California- October 18, 2010 — Nayeli™, a brand created, literally, out of love. Derived from the ancient, Mexican Zapotec tribe dialect, Nayeli means “I Love You.” Our mission is to provide Comfashionable™ women’s footwear that boasts a look and feel that women will love. Nayeli™ shoes feature both classic and contemporary silhouettes designed with exclusive comfort and supportive features.
Nayeli President and CEO, Mitch Abramson, states: “At Nayeli, we understand that many women experience back, leg, knee pain, and often experience unfortunate occurrences like corns, blisters, calluses and other foot problems from being on their feet most of the day in many casual and dress shoes that they wear. Sure there are numerous brands that offer comfortable footwear, mostly athletic and traditional comfort footwear, yet there are few brands that have married the concepts of comfort and fashion, hence the birth of Nayeli Comfashionable footwear. “
What sets Nayeli apart from its competition is the development of its Comfinesse System technology, which is a group of features that enhance comfort and support for women who are on their feet all day; lower and wider heel heights, moisture-wicking linings, multi-layer cushioned insole and other supportive features.

Nayeli aims to be the brand of choice with pregnant women with its Comfinesse System technology, which was created with the pregnant woman’s foot in mind. During pregnancy, the foot goes through just as many changes as the rest of the expectant mothers’ body. Many women tend to wear whichever shoes they had in their closet before pregnancy, during their term, as there is not a variety of comfortable and fashionable dress/casual shoes in the market for women to choose from.

Nayeli Comfashionable footwear launches Spring 2011 and will be available at select Women’s Shoe Boutiques and at www.nayelishoes.com.

Classic and contemporary silhouettes, rich materials and Comfinesse System technology will have your feet saying “I love you.”

For more information, please contact:

Mitch Abramson
[email protected]

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