Using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and blogs Chamber representatives and volunteers are incorporating social media to share their message that passing Amendment 4 would mean fewer jobs, higher taxes and a weaker economy for Florida.

The Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce, which is urging its members and the community to vote No on Amendment 4 in the November election, is using a unique approach in its “No on 4” initiative. Chamber representatives and volunteers are incorporating social media to share their message that passing Amendment 4 would mean fewer jobs, higher taxes and a weaker economy for Florida.

“The Chamber vigorously supports the “No on 4″ initiative and we are working to defeat Amendment 4 in the November elections,” said Wally Lee, president of the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce. “If passed, this amendment would have a negative impact on every citizen regardless of age, income or political preference.”

Chamber representatives and volunteers used a No on 4 bus tour to drive awareness about Amendment 4. The group traveled to several Jacksonville neighborhoods where they took creative photographs illustrating their message to “Vote No on 4.” After capturing the images and en route to the next destination, they posted updates to Facebook, Twitter and other blogs. The photographic images, featuring a diverse group including small business owners, big business leaders and laborers, were also displayed outside the former Haydon Burns Library on Ocean Street during the First Wednesday Art Walk in October.

“Social Media has revolutionized our communications with others. So many people can be reached with a single post or update,” said Michelle Chance-Sangthong, president of Red Hawk Strategies and the Chamber’s social media consultant. “By using social media in the ‘No on 4’ initiative, the Chamber reaches not only its network, it also reaches its network’s network effectively and affordably.”

According to the Chamber, Amendment 4 would create a difficult climate for all Florida businesses and delay future development. William Rupp, CEO of the Mayo Clinic and Chairman of the Vote “No on 4” Campaign, believes Amendment 4 will not be conducive to attracting new businesses to the region. He has said if the amendment had been law when Mayo was considering opening a new campus 25 years ago, it likely never would have chosen Jacksonville.

The proposed constitutional amendment would require voters to go to the polls every time a proposed development prompts a local government land use change, meaning more elections would have to be held. In 2009, there were 118 comprehensive land use changes submitted and 67 completed in Duval County alone. If Amendment 4 had been in place, the ballot describing each land-use plan would have been roughly 47 pages and voters would have been asked to vote on each one. Based on these figures, Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland estimates Amendment 4 would have cost the elections office $2 million to $6 million in additional election costs.

“I hope people aren’t fooled by the clever name, Hometown Democracy,” said Chris Kennelly, owner of Kennetic Productions and president of the South Council. “Amendment 4 will require votes on every change to a local government’s comprehensive plan, including a new sanitary sewer, traffic circulation elements, new schools and parks.”

Business leaders agree Amendment 4 would put Jacksonville at a disadvantage in drawing new businesses to our area, putting jobs and economic expansion at risk.

“If Amendment 4 passes, it will put a black mark on Jacksonville in the business world,” said Jepp Walter, owner of JeppTec Computer Services and president of the Downtown Council. “It will be the end of economic growth in Northeast Florida.”

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