E-marketing: offer some sort of free but useful service on your site.

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Montagny, France – The Internet possesses unbelievable potential when it comes to e-marketing. A touch of a button is enough to touch base with several million people. But it is important to remember that not everyone can be successful at this form of marketing. Here are a few techniques that can help your e-marketing abilities.

Nothing attracts like freebies. Offer some sort of free but useful service on your site. Draw people with punch lines like ‘click here to know more’. The service you offer has to have direct relevance to what you offer as well the needs of your potential client.

Start a blog. You can have this scrolling on one side of your site. It can contain a truckload of information depending on your service. It can also provide links to sites that prove useful to your client, but not those that are in direct competition with you. A blog is also a great way of letting people know that you are proficient in your field.

Make good use of third party publishing options. Get yourself bylines and links to your site on similar e-zines, newsletters and other information based sites. Once your name is popular, people will automatically want to see more of what you have to offer. Create a free newsletter that you will circulate based on permission. This is a simple low-cost method of e-marketing and people appreciate the effort in seeking permission.

Make sure you have your website listed on all the top search engines and directories. There is nothing to beat visibility. Customize all of your business related paraphernalia. This includes your logos, e-card everything. This uniformity gives you a sense of consistency.

Make sure you have a presence on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other such search engines. If you are using newsletters and blogs to get to your potential clients, be sure to update them on a regular basis. This is essential in order to build your credibility.

Jeremy Marcelino is an expert in e-marketing or web marketing and his name is considered as one of the brand names in the field. He makes e-marketing reachable to each and every one.


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