PrimeVapor can now ship every order anywhere in the United States within 24 hours.

The successful launch of PrimeVapor has made it necessary to increase production of the world’s finest electronic cigarette supplies and equipment. We are pleased to announce that PrimeVapor can now offer our entire line for immediate shipment anywhere in the United States.

“Expansion of our capacity was a necessity” said Jon Skovronski, Production Manager and creator of the many unique flavors found only at PrimeVapor. “Our customers need to know that we have everything they need to enjoy electronic cigarettes in stock and ready to deliver.”

“We still use our artisanal method of manufacturing all our Flavor Cartridges. It is not enough that we use our own formulation of US made vapor liquid. We decided to use a controlled small batch production technique to give the PrimeVapor Flavors the freshness and quality our customers have come to expect.”

The PrimeVapor Electronic Cigarette System has shown that the combination of precision designed equipment coupled with exclusive flavors from all over the world can offer the tobacco smoker a true alternative unlike any of the other products on the market.

PrimeVapor uses the famous KR808D microprocessor controlled lithium-ion battery to energize their flavor cartridges to produce a rich, robust vapor that gives the user an experience that can replace the need for tobacco cigarettes. All the user has to do is inhale just like they would smoking a cigarette. The vapor is made from a formulation of vegetable glycerin, food grade flavors and a small amount of almost totally pure nicotine. This compares favorably to the over 4,000 chemical compounds found in tobacco smoke.

“Our customers report that this smoking alternative has literally changed their lives” reported Bill Fischer, president of PrimeVapor. “I know it certainly changed my life”

“I was a two pack a day smoker for over 40 years” he went on to say. “I found the transition to electronic cigarettes a seamless one. In fact, it has now been over a year since I have had the need for a tobacco cigarette.”


Primevapor is a manufacturer and distributor of quality electronic cigarette supplies and equipment. They have developed an e-cigarette system that offers a smoker who wants an alternative to traditional tobacco the ultimate smoking experience without the smoke, smell and tar.

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