Nov. 9, 2010 /EIN Presswire/ – Chemicals that line junk food wrappers and microwave bags may be leaking into your food.

That’s the conclusion of scientists at the University of Toronto who say that many of the wrappers and bags we depend on to keep products fresh are actually a source of harmful chemicals.

In particular, the scientists studied perfluorinated carboxylic acids (PFCAs), byproducts of familiar bag liners in microwave popcorn and junk food wrappers. Their role is to minimize the foods’ greasiness.

The scientists, in a new study, exposed rats to the chemicals by injection and monitored them for three weeks. They found significant increases in PFCAs, substances linked to cancer and other development problems in animals. They are also expected to persist in the soil and elsewhere in the environment for hundreds of years as the waste products decay.

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