Republic Monetary Exchange, a national leading precious metals dealer located in Phoenix, Arizona is announcing their acquisition of one of the finest gold coin complete series collections from United States history. The rare complete series of $2.5 Indian gold coins, minted from 1908-1929 carry an approximate value of $250,000 US.

Republic Monetary Exchange (, a leading national precious metals dealer located in Phoenix, Arizona, has recently acquired an extremely rare series of coins from American history. Valued at approximately $250,000 US, this series, which includes every $2.50 “Indian Head” coin minted from 1908-1929, is one of only a few known of its kind in the world. These coins are all in gem-brilliant MS-65 condition, (Mint-State) and certified graded by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, one of two of the most recognized grading services in the industry.

The $2.50 Indian Head Gold Coin, minted from 1908 to the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929, was born from President Theodore Roosevelt’s unbridled enthusiasm for our nation’s currency and his enchantment with America’s “Wild West.” Endearing himself to the noted artist, Bela Lyon Pratt, Roosevelt challenged him to design a gold coin, the likes of which the U.S. had never seen. Pratt’s answer: the $2.50 Indian with a unique, “incuse” design featuring dramatic Indian and stately eagle images pressed into the gold, rather than raised above it. 

The obverse pictures an Indian Chief, the first true American Indian ever to appear on United States coinage. Previously, Caucasian models dressed in American Indian attire were used. The chief on the Indian Head is wearing a full-feathered headdress with the word Liberty inscribed on the headband. A border of thirteen stars and the minting date encircle him. The reverse features a proud bald eagle standing among olive branches(signifying peace”), surrounded by the words “United States of America”. The motto “In God We Trust” and the denomination also appears on the reverse.


Issued for only 13 years, the $2 1/2 Indian is the shortest-lived gold series and the last quarter eagle ever issued in the United States. The massive coin melting during the Great Depression nearly destroyed their entire population, making the few that survived universally revered pieces of American history – especially the low-mintage, ‘key’ date 1911-D.
This is one of the finest Gem Brilliant collections of $2.50 Indians ever assembled, and will be a legacy for any investor and their estate for generations.

James Clark, Vice President of Republic Monetary Exchange, believes this is one of the finest collections to be assembled. He states, “It is truly amazing to purchase and own one of history’s finest and rarest complete series of United States coins. It is once in a lifetime that you even see a representation of every coin in this series ever minted, with nearly perfect strikes and preserved almost as if they were minted yesterday.”


This series includes every $2.50 Indian Head struck from 1908-1929. The series was minted for a total of only 13 years, with mintage suspended from 1916-1924. As a series, the Rarity Factor is between 8 and 9 of 10. Below lists every coin in the collection, along with an NGC population report for each individual coin.

The following list represents the coins in the series, and the figures in parenthesis represent the total amount of NGC graded MS-65 coins known to exist in the world.

1908(345), 1909(186), 1910(144), 1911(142), 1911-D(78), 1912(57), 1913(65), 1914(43), 1914-D(35), 1915(159), 1925-D(813), 1926(525), 1927(383), 1928(379), 1929(180)

To inquire about purchasing this incredible collection from Republic Monetary Exchange, please contact their offices at 877.354.4040 or contact their Vice President, James Clark, at [email protected]

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