Horse Racing Simulation LLC will be releasing, in multiple phases through 2011, the most robust cross-platform version of Horse Racing Fantasy since the company’s inception back in 1999.

Las Vegas, NV–January 6, 2011–

According to recent statistics, social games are one of the fastest-growing segments of the gaming market. More than 56 million people daily play games on Facebook. Meeting rapidly growing demand, Jerome Davis, Director of Business Development, announces Horse Racing Simulation’s 2011 program release schedule.

Being able to provide their racing game across multiple platforms as well as directly tied into Facebook and other large social networking sites, Horse Racing Simulation will significantly increase their core audience and user engagement time.

On January 7, HRS will release 40 new help videos. The videos will be strategically placed throughout the game and community allowing 150,000 members easy access to some of the most prominent game features.

On January 12, HRS will release their no-registration download version of Horse Racing Fantasy. This no-registration version will be available at over 400 websites including some of the largest game distribution sites and free download sites. Once fully deployed, HRS expects to increase their new user acquisitions by over 1,000 per day.

On January 16, HRS will release its new main game website, replacing the current site found at The new website is focused towards a broader audience, specifically those involved in social gaming. This new website is part of HRS’ strategy to quickly gain traction, not only through their direct web distribution channel, but through other web distribution channels, specifically social networks such as Facebook.

On March 15, HRS will release its no-download viewer. The new stand-alone viewer will work on all operating systems including the IOS iPhone/iPad, providing the opportunity to its members to watch virtual racing from all major mobile devices. HRS began development of the models and animations for their new stand-alone viewer in early-2010. This viewer will be used not only in their current game, but also in their Facebook game, which will be released in April 2011.

On April 21, HRS will release its stand-alone Facebook game. Facebook, along with other social networks, will become a crucial component of new player acquisitions. With over 290 million people playing games on Facebook monthly and nearly 50% of all Facebook logins specifically for game play, HRS is in a perfect position to access the millions of up-and-coming horse racing enthusiasts who are part of the Facebook network. In addition, HRS will be working with several major social game developers and distributors, accessing millions of potential new game members in its first 60 days of release.

“2010 was an exciting year for us,” stated Michael Calderone, CEO of Horse Racing Simulation LLC. “With revenue growth of over 150% and an active user base surpassing 150,000, we look forward to 2011 as our ‘break-out’ year, especially with the release of all of our new features and game distribution channels. It is our goal to make Horse Racing Fantasy not only the largest, most popular horse racing game on the Internet, but also one of the most effective ways to acquire new racing enthusiasts by educating fans through a gaming experience that parallels the real world of horse racing.”

About Horse Racing Simulation LLC:

Horse Racing Simulation LLC is an interactive media company whose focus is developing and deploying entertaining and educational horse racing programs. Horse Racing Simulation, established in 1999 under its flagship website, the world’s largest social interactive horse racing game and community, has partnered with some of the most recognized names in horse racing to increase all levels of awareness and engagement to benefit the sport of racing and the growth of its fan base.

Past and present partners include,, the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA), Breeders’ Cup Ltd., Discovery Channel/Animal Planet, Hollywood Park Racetrack, and many others.

For more information on Horse Racing Simulation and its products, including custom horse games, interactive horse racing games and other racing software programs, visit their website at


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Director of Business Development
Horse Racing Simulation LLC
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