ALTON, NH — (via — Wicked Footwear, a New Hampshire based company with the goal of setting new standards in ecological footwear manufacturing has introduced a new nature-friendly outdoor “Eco-Fashionable” footwear line offering men two unique stylish selections.

Wicked Footwear has a new concept in shoes that is both innovative in design and comfort. These multi-purpose shoes use recycled wood pulp creating a trendy comfortable fitting basket weave pattern that is functional and stylish because it allows constant air movement inside the shoes. In today’s world of hustle and bustle hi-tech living, it is a nice change for the consumer to have the satisfaction of wearing something that’s different; old and new. These shoes fit into an eco-green lifestyle, look good and feel great to wear.

Wicked Hemp is cited as the first company to use WOOD PULP uppers mechanically compressed using non-toxic chemicals. The shoe colors utilize true eco friendly paint. Wicked Hemp shoes are made from carefully selected natural biodegradable materials uppers that are eco friendly with a low carbon footprint.

The shoes come in two styles, a slip on (WICKED WOODY) and lace up (WICKED PULP) model of two colors of black and brown. They have all the comfort features of removable insoles that tone your feet, with deep cushion and hidden EVA. This hybrid style has a multi colored natural rubber outsole that is good for urban and light trail use. The shoe’s look suggests hip living combining both comfort and designer styling.

“It has been too many years since the footwear industry has found a new use for natural materials in shoes. Every other shoe company uses oil-based components that are not ecologically friendly, so the time is right for a new technology”, says Matt Mahmet, the excited spokesperson, co-owner of Wicked Hemp footwear.

Matt holds up a shoe and comments, “We have taken wood and compressed it into a weave of crisscross-strands of wood pulp which is a bi-product of natural wood. The wood pulp is constructed into a very relaxed but strong material. As the upper is worn it will start to get a faded look to it, like denim. The upper is constructed for strength and has all the features for comfort. The shoe upper forms to your feet for a comfortable not like Dutch shoes” jokes Matt “What makes the design of the shoe a hybrid style is a mix of a light trail outsole on a casual shoe upper. It is like the cross over vehicles, multipurpose platform.”

Matt resides in a rural area of New Hampshire but works in the Boston area. His desire for appropriate dress in business and country inspired this hybrid style and gave him the dual-purpose shoe idea. Matt raps “I walk from the woods onto the street and I still look neat. You gotta try these shoes, they can’t be beat.” wants you to know our shoes are low-tech and made of recyclable high quality material.

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