Denise De La Torre of Beach Cities Real Estate works with sellers who need short sale assistance in selling their Laguna Beach home

Beach Cities Real Estate congratulates Denise De La Torre for her work in helping Laguna Beach homeowners who need short sale assistance in today’s Laguna Beach Real Estate market. Denise is a long time resident of Laguna Beach, California and understands the Laguna Beach Real Estate market better than anyone.

Laguna Beach Short Sales are coming on the market at an increased level as we see a decline in the number of foreclosures here in Laguna Beach, California. The need for seller’s to get short sale assistance in today’s depressed real estate market is needed more than ever. A short sale is where you will be asking the bank to forgive the difference on what owe on your home and the current market value. A lot of Laguna Beach homeowners are turning to short sales as a way to get out from under debt. Short Sales are a great alternative to bankruptcy and foreclosure and the banks are eager to work with homeowners in the short sale process. Keep in mind that not all Laguna Beach homeowners will qualify for a short sale. Having your home worth less than what you owe does not qualify you for a short sale. You need to show some financial distress in being able to pay your monthly mortgage. That’s where Denise De La Torre is the short sale expert. She knows how to pre-qualify and ask the important questions to see if her clients will qualify before wasting her clients valuable time. Denise understands how the short sale process works and can explain all the nuances of a short sale. A great resource for questions and answers on short sales can be found at

If you have been thinking of doing a short sale and not sure where to turn calling Denise is your first step. She will do a free evaluation of your home to see if you qualify for a short sale. It’s important to work with a local Laguna Beach real estate agent who knows the Laguna Beach Real Estate marketplace. The key to a successful short sale is working with a skilled Laguna Beach short sale agent who knows the local marketplace.

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