Mold Aid, a mold testing and removal company announces it is now requiring indoor air quality employees, franchises and affiliates to complete training to meet or exceed the industry standards in the IICRC S520.

GAINESVILLE, VA — Mold Aid, a company that offers mold remediation in VA, MD and Washington D.C. announces that it is now requiring all indoor air quality employees, franchises and affiliates to meet or exceed the industry standards set forth in the IICRC S520.

Employees, franchises and affiliates must complete the following training classes: Water Damage, Restoration Training, Home, Building Inspection and Building Science Training, Indoor Environmental Training and Mold Remediation Training. Mold Aid requires this extensive training to ensure customers receive quality services from anyone affiliated with Mold Aid, although most states do not require licensing of mold remediation companies.

“Not all companies are trained to handle every situation. Some may be trained in mold remediation, but not in water damage, meaning you could have an unqualified person taking care of your home. Our employees, franchises and affiliates are all trained in a number of services, meaning we can handle anything thrown our way. Using Mold Aid can be a great way to save money and time and also minimize any complications that arise during the remediation process,” said John Taylor, owner of Mold Aid National, Inc. (

Mold Aid serves the areas of Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. and provides home inspection services, as well as mold testing and mold remediation. The company utilizes up-to-date technology, such as thermal imaging, to detect water damage where mold has the potential to grow. In addition to mold removal, Mold Aid can also conduct thorough home inspections, air duct cleaning, air purifying, general contracting services and structural drying to lessen the opportunity mold has to grow.

“Our customers trust us to take care of them when they have a mold problem in their home and we take that very seriously. We know that they depend on us for the clean air they breathe and that’s why we’re requiring all our employees who deal with indoor air quality issues to complete the training that gives them a full understanding of industry standards detailed in the IICRC S520 documents. An improper mold inspection or remediation can actually do more harm than good. We don’t just ensure that all our employees have extensive training in the indoor air quality industry, we also back that up with the best warranty in the industry,” said Taylor.

About Mold Aid:
Mold Aid and Acquired Home Services Inc. is a mold testing, mold remediation and home inspection company serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. The company has been in existence for over 10 years and offers mold remediation, general contracting, air duct cleaning, air purifying, structural drying and other services.

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