Can the business card printing process help with the overall feel of a business card?

/ Riviera Beach, FL (Online Discount Printing News) Business card printing should to help a company stand out over competition and be easily remembered when the business card is seen. If five different business cards were shown to a prospective client, what would ensure that your company’s card is chosen over others? When it comes to business card printing, producing a card that stands out can have just as much to do with the actual printing process as it has to do with colors and logos suggests Print Pelican, an online discount printing company specializing in business card printing.

Full color printing was developed with the creation of the bubble jet color printer explains Print Pelican. This is the simplest and most cost effective choice for professional business card printing. Although full color printing has been a great tool over the past years, many business professionals are searching for something a little more unique. Raised letter printing is the key to adding an air of professionalism and class to any business card printing project.

The main difference between full color printing and raised letter printing pertains to the way the ink is applied to the business card stock states the online discount printing company. Thermography is the process that is used to create the raised and somewhat puffy letters seen on many business cards. The ink actually rises above the page during this process due to the way the ink plates are added to the presses. In full color printing, different colors are combined simultaneously to create shades and hues.

When a business uses full color for business card printing, the ink cannot be felt on the card. However, when thermography has been used, the consumer can actually feel the letters on a business card. Because full color printing tends to have a sharper look to it, many companies choose to employ this method. This method is also preferred in business card printing due to its cost effective nature. On the other hand, the thermography approach seems to be a better option for lawyers, doctors and any executive who would like to give their business card printing a certain air of elegance.

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