Middle East Jobs for Solar Industry Professionals
• GCC will require qualified solar Industry professionals
•Solar use within the GCC will skyrocket within the next decade.

/EINPresswire.com/ Paris France – A GCC solar expert at the 2nd GCC-France Economic Forum predicted that solar power will be an important source of energy for GCC states in the next decade and that there will be a solid need for skilled professionals to meet the regions’ plans for the solar energy industry.

Although the GCC nations have been slower than countries like Germany and Spain in the development and uptake of solar technologies, Dr. Khalid Klefeekh Al Hajri, Board Member and CEO of Qatar Solar Technologies, believes that we will see a solar boom across the GCC and North Africa over the next decade and that the region has unlimited potential for the development and use of solar technology.

Speaking at the 2nd GCC French Economic forum in Paris, Dr. Al Hajri said: “The GCC countries are blessed with abundant energy reserves both above and below the surface. We have tapped the energy that lies below us in the form of our oil and gas deposits and we are now looking upwards to the sun to tap its unlimited energy potential. The possibilities are endless.”

There is a growing demand within the GCC for solar technologies and applications that are sustainable, reliable and that will bring a lasting benefit to the region and the world. Several GCC countries including Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are already using solar energy and researching new applications for this technology in solar desalination, solar cooling and for use in the oil and gas refining processes.

“There are a number of interesting solar projects which we are seeing within Qatar and the region that will have a positive impact on the development of the solar industry both locally, regionally and internationally,” said Dr Al Hajri. He further stated that “the region is well placed to become a major solar energy user, producer and researcher and I see a huge demand for skilled solar industry professionals to help us meet our growth objectives.”

QSTec announced earlier this month that it will build a US$1bn solar-grade polysilicon manufacturing facility in Qatar. QSTec is a joint venture company formed between Qatar Solar (a wholly owned subsidiary of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development), SolarWorld AG and Qatar Development Bank.

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