/EINPresswire.com/ What is the Best eReader? Amazon Kindle or Nook? Best eReader Reviews provide comprehensive Ereader comparisons and reviews on the Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, Nook Touch and other eBook Readers.

“Do you know how many Amazon Kindle eReaders there are to choose from?” asks the creator of http://BestEreaderReviews.net/. “Currently there are 12 Amazon Kindle devices in the market, an exact Dozen Kindles and we compare and review all of them on our Amazon Kindle Touch Review and Kindle Fire Review sections” she adds.

http://BestEreaderReviews.net/ is dedicated to providing up-to-date reviews on the latest models of eBook Readers as evident by the many comprehensive ereader reviews published over time. The two most popular ebook reader reviews are on the Amazon Kindle Touch and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

25 Reasons for you to love the Kindle Fire and 10 not to!

On their Kindle Fire Review, one of their most read reviews, they talk about 25 reasons why you may like the Amazon Kindle Fire and 10 reasons why you may not. With this comprehensive review on the Kindle Fire, they compare and contrast its features to those of the Apple iPad and Barnes & Noble Nook Color eReader. The most up-to-date versions of this review can be found on http://BestEreaderReviews.net/Amazon-Kindle-Fire-Review/

Nook vs Kindle eReader Comparison – The battle only gets tougher

Most of the period between 2009 through the first half of of 2011 was dominated by the Amazon Kindle. But with the launch of the Nook Touch in the summer of 2011, many people preferred the Barnes & Noble Nook Touch over the Kindle keyboard. But it flipped again in September 2011 with Amazon launching its Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. The battle between the Nook and the Kindle will continue and will only get tougher. The most up-to-date comparison between the Nook Touch and Kindle can be found on http://BestEreaderReviews.net/Amazon-Kindle-Touch-Review-Nook-Touch-Ereader-Comparison/

The Most Important Features to Consider When You’re Selecting an E-book Reader

What is the BEST eReader for you? Which eBook reader suits your personal needs best? The eReader that suits your best friend may not be the one that suits your personal needs best. Some of the factors that should be considered when purchasing an eReader are the type of screen (LCD display vs E-Ink screen), the pros and cons of a touch-screen (vs a keyboard), Wi-Fi vs 3G connectivity, the ability to listen to Audio books, portrait mode vs landscape mode, easy navigability, with or without special offers and last but not least the best bang for your buck.

For most up-to-date reviews and comparisons and reviews on the Best eBook Readers, visit their website at http://BestEreaderReviews.net/

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