/EINPresswire.com/ Following the release of Florence + the Machine’s newest album this week, TakeLessons explores tips for singers to develop their own personal style.

Florence + the Machine’s sophomore album, Ceremonials, came out this week, and reviewers seem to agree – with a voice that powerful, it’s easy to get goosebumps from the epic pop-rock anthems Florence Welch belts out. Florence is known for her noticeable style, both fashion-wise and vocally. She’s definitely not a cookie-cutter pop star, and many fans love her for this.

As the nation’s fastest growing music lessons provider, TakeLessons (http://takelessons.com) is well-versed in helping up-and-coming singers develop their unique voices and standing out from the crowd. Recently, TakeLessons posted a blog dedicated to tips for singers, as originally published on eHow (http://www.ehow.com/how_2257754_find-ones-own-singing-voice.html).

The following is an excerpt from the blog post:

1. Take voice lessons with a classical voice teacher. Even if a contemporary or pop style is most appealing to you, don’t neglect the study of classical voice training. You can’t discount the important foundation of breathing techniques, vocal placement and resonance. The time spent in the voice teacher’s studio helps you become more keenly aware of the sensations of your natural singing voice.

2. Listen to many different vocalists and many different musical styles. A large part of vocal training is learning the delicate art of listening critically. Note whether a singer seems natural or affected and keep in mind the long-term effects a particular way of singing may have on vocal health. You will be amazed at the diversity of sounds you find, even among similar styles of music.

3. Experiment with your own voice in the privacy of your teacher’s studio. Save these vulnerable times for the lesson and not the stage. Even when experimenting with different sounds and vocal placement, remember to practice good breathing and healthy technique. You don’t have to compromise vocal health for style.

4. Keep on learning. Read everything you can about singing, take in lots of diverse performances, talk with others in the field and don’t be afraid to consult with voice teachers other than your own from time to time. Finding one’s own singing voice is an ongoing process and as you learn more you will find that your thoughts about singing will change periodically. This is healthy and indicates a mature approach to singing.

TakeLessons students to keep their ears open, and most of all, don’t be afraid to try new things. By experimenting with different styles, singers will gain a better idea of what makes them unique and why their fans are going to love their music.

By providing these tips to students, TakeLessons aims to help musicians of all ages reach their dreams. The blog also invites students and teachers to provide their own expertise by commenting on the TakeLessons blog, where readers can also learn valuable band promotion tips, and also welcomes comments on Facebook (http://facebook.com/takelessons).

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