/EINPresswire.com/ Jack’s Country Store, providing Breyer horses for sale and many other traditional American items, now features their premier items through an EBay store.

Jack’s Country Store, with a brick and mortar shop in Ocean Park, Washington, and an online store, now also makes their traditional American items, such as metal detectors and Breyer horses, for sale on an EBay store.

“We carry very unique and eclectic items, from regional food items to heirloom toys to other items reminiscent of a forgotten era,” points out Christy Caruthers, associate at the store. “It only makes sense that our customers would be looking at a variety of different places to find items such as these. So we want to make Jack’s Country Store as accessible as possible.”

Breyer horse toys are a popular item for shoppers during this time of year as holidays begin approaching, and they are featured through all Jack’s venues. The Breyer collection includes plush horses, Breyer horse accessories, barns, figurines and play sets, and also collectibles.

“We love when shoppers can make the trip to our shop—it’s really something to see, reminiscent of a turn of the century mercantile store. But we think people can still get a taste of this sentiment by shopping our online store as well as the EBay shop. Plus, at the end of the day, our customers are looking for something classic, like Breyer horse toys or Radio Flyer wagons, and EBay has a reputation for having hard to find items. That’s why our presence there is important,” adds Caruthers.

To shop all of the Breyer horses for sale at Jack’s Country Store or to view all the traditional Americana items, visit them online at http://www.jackscountrystore.co/ or via their EBay store at http://stores.ebay.com/jackscountrystore.

About Jack’s Country Store:

Founded in 1885, and thought to be the oldest continuing business in the state. Jack’s Country Store is a mercantile shop that maintains the traditions of rural America—in both the items they carry and the customer service they extend. Located in Ocean Park, Washington, the store sells unique items, from premium metal detectors and prospecting tools to antique toys, such as the authentic Radio Flyer(R) wagon. Jack’s Country Store inventory lists more than 200,000 items that are stocked on site. But, they are ready to rise to the challenge when a customer is looking for something out of the ordinary. While only a representative portion of the full inventory is featured online. Jack’s Country Store encourages customers to visit the Ocean Park store or contact them via email or phone for more assistance in tracking an item down.

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Jack’s Country Store

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