/EINPresswire.com/Steve Jobs’ biography was made available to kindle users ahead of schedule. Instead of being delivered today, the e book was distributed hours before midnight yesterday.

Shortly after Steve Jobs’ biography was featured in CBS’ 6o minutes, words spread that Amazon delivered its e book version earlier than scheduled. The bio which was written by Walter Isaacson was sent to kindle users a few hours before midnight yesterday.

The said biography of Apple’s former chief executive officer was supposed to be released today. However, those who pre-ordered the e book version of his life story were able to receive it earlier than expected. Some of them even used twitter to report the early delivery of it.

Sold at $16.99, the bio has 656 pages of information to give. It contains info about Jobs’ family life, his battle with pancreatic cancer and everything in between.

It was said that the early availability of Steve Jobs’ biography to Amazon’s e reader is making kindle get farther ahead in the kindle vs nook competition. And with Kindle Fire soon to be shipped, consumers will sure enjoy reading it more.

The following are some of the passages taken from KindlevsNook.com’s news about the early delivery of Job’s Bio to kindle users.

The death of technology icon Steve Jobs has shocked the world. It can’t be denied that he even became more famous after reports of his passing flocked the web. And if you’re one of those who want to know more about the former Apple CEO,well good news for you as his biography is now available on kindle e reader. Amazon was even able deliver it ahead of schedule.

Jobs’ biography was written by Walter Isaacson. And before it became shortly available in Amazon Kindle, it was first featured in CBS’ “60 Minutes”.

The tech icon’s bio is supposed to be released today. However, before midnight yesterday, it was already delivered to those who pre-ordered it. Some customers even twitted about receiving their ordered biography earlier than expected.

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Not long after that iconic ticking wrapped up an episode of CBS’ “60 Minutes” featuring a preview of Steve Jobs’ authorized biography with its author, Walter Isaacson, word broke that the Amazon Kindle version of the book was being delivered a little early.

Yes, the book is supposed to be released tomorrow anyway, and it’s already tomorrow in much of the world, but Kindle users reported receiving their digital preordered copy a little ahead of schedule this evening.

The 656-page biography provides plenty of new information, from Jobs’ family life and admiration of Mark Zuckerberg to the story of his secret liver transplant.

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Points to Amazon for the early delivery of Steve Jobs’ biography. Its proves that indeed, kindle got an edge over nook color in many things as kindle vs nook reviews revealed.

With the release of Kindle Fire though, many believe that rivalry is now between kindle and iPad. And, unless B&N will update its e reader, there will be no kindle vs nook vs iPad competition for consumers to look forward to.

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