A healthier life replaces a lifetime of obesity.

/EINPresswire.com/ Los Angeles -Nurse Jennifer Kasparoff says she finally overcame a lifetime of obesity with the help of the Lap-Band. “I have have been overweight since I was five years old, ” she says. “My mother, who was overweight herself, was all about pleasing me. Whatever I wanted to eat, she would give me.” Jennifer says those early years started her on a lifetime of obesity that she has finally broken, at age 32. ” I was completely withdrawn in school. My thinnest was when I was just out of high school. I weighed 145 pounds back then,” says Jennifer, who is 5″5″ tall. “But by the time I turned 22, I was up to weighing the most ever – 296 pounds!”

“All that excess weight was causing multiple health problems,” says Jennifer. “I remained that heavy till I was 26 years old. I tried dieting but I couldn’t keep away from food,” she says. “Then one day a friend suggested that we start to go on walks together. The walking was great, then it turned into jogging, and I started to lose some weight. I became so motivated that I joined a gym and started to exercise, working out for two to three hours every day. Eventually, I got myself down to 215 pounds, and stayed at that weight for a whole year,” she says.

Jennifer’s sister, who was then even more overweight decided to have the Lap-Band procedure. “When I saw how well she was doing after her procedure, and the weight she was losing, I decided that I had to have the Lap-Band too,” says Jennifer. My sister weighed 300 pounds before the Lap-Band, but now she’s down to 150 a little more than two years later – she’s lost 150 pounds and she now feels very good about herself.” So I contacted 1-800-GET-THIN to learn more. After considering all my options, I scheduled to have my Lap-Band done with a qualified surgeon.

Jennifer now weighs 90 pounds less than she did before having her Lap-Band. “I actually lost more weight than that; I was down as low as 113 pounds, but I looked too skinny, if you can believe that,” she says. “I now weigh 130 and that’s perfect.” Jennifer says that most of the weight she added is lean muscle mass instead of fat.

“As a nurse, I highly recommend the Lap-Band for people who can’t lose weight,” says Jennifer.

About 1-800-GET-THIN:
1 800 GET THIN puts people in touch with weight loss professionals who provide information needed to make informed choices & lifestyle changes. 1 800 GET THIN only works with accredited facilities that adhere to a strict surgical and pre-operative regimen where they follow extensive safety protocols that are among the most thorough in the industry. Before any patient is allowed to have weight loss surgery, the patient will undergo a battery of diagnostic examinations designed specifically for their safety. Depending on the results of these tests, not all individuals will qualify for or will be approved for the surgery. All surgical procedures, no matter how minor, have risks.

For information on weight loss, lifestyle changes and the Lap-Band, call 1-800-GET-THIN or visit www.1800getthin.com. All individuals should consult with their physician prior to undergoing any weight loss program. Studies indicate that individuals can achieve 30-50% excess weight loss at 3 years with the Lap-Band.

Robert Silverman

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