/EINPresswire.com/ Air swimmers topped the list of most popular toys this year. With their uniqueness, the said flying fishies make the perfect toy gifts.

It’s the peak season for toys. As Christmas is in a few weeks, toy shelves are now getting emptied. And topping the list of the most popular toys purchased in malls and online shopping sites are the shark and clown fish flying fishies.

According to Connecticut Post, air swimmers are what kids would love to have the most this year. Beating the MyKeepon and Let’s Rock!Elmo, the flying fishies ranked the highest among the top 10 hottest toys of 2011. The two other toys rank second and third respectively.

Due to the high demand for flying fishies, shoppers especially parents are encouraged to get the toys now. FlyingFishies.com, the creator of the said air swimmers, has already expressed that the gadgets are now close to being back-ordered.

Here’s part of the news from Flying Fishies about Air Swimmers Ranking Highest in the List of Most Popular Christmas Toys


Christmas is coming and again, it will be time for gift-giving. Do you already know what to give your kids this coming holiday? No? Well, why not give them the most popular toys of 2011? Surely, with flying fishies, your children will have loads of fun and excitement.

Based on Connecticut Post’s Top 10 Most Popular Christmas Toys, the shark and clown fish air swimmers are the number one on the list. They beat MyKeepon, which is on the second spot. On the other hand, the interactive Let’s Rock! Elmo toy grabbed the third place.

The top three toys are followed by many other robots, dolls and remote-controlled gadgets. And because they are what most kids want to have this holiday season, it’s best to get them now before they run out of supply.

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The most popular toys for the Christmas 2011 are the ones that will fly off the shelves first, so if your kids are asking for any of these toys that are top sellers for the 2011 Christmas season; it’s a good idea to pick them up now. According to the Connecticut Post, these top toys are what the kids want this year.

Here are the top 10 hottest toys that will fly off the shelves for the 2011 Christmas season:

Air Swimmers – this toy is going to be the biggest seller for Christmas 2011 and once you see what it can do, you’ll be amazed and want one for the adults in your house. This 4 foot giant light weight fish allow you to make the inside your home an aquarium as these radio controlled fish fly through the air. The shark and clownfish designs are bright, colorful and easy to maneuver. They bounce off walls and are soft like a balloon, so they can’t harm anything. This toy is amazing!

Read more about Flying Fishies on Top of Christmas Most Popular Toy List at: http://www.flyingfishies.com/239/flying-fishies-flew-to-the-top-of-the-most-popular-toys-list/

Flying fishies are toys like no other. Their uniqueness is what makes them fun and exciting. Basically, it’s also what makes them the hottest toys for kids this year . Even adults find them enjoyable.

With just a remote control, shark and clown fish air swimmers can make a room seem like an aquarium. They can add spice to any party or gathering. They also make a great tool for making good memories with family and friends.

The fact that they are also safe makes flying fishies the most ideal gift to children. They are light and easy to maneuver with no harmful elements in their surfaces.

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Flying Fishies are the season’s most wanted toy gift. Go to http://www.flyingfishies.com, purchase your own air swimmer and get a free rc helicopter.

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Flying Fishies is the creator of the air swimmers called Flying Fishies. The remote-controlled gadgets make perfect holiday gifts as they are unique, fun and safe.

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