/EINPresswire.com/ incentaHEALTH is offering creative ways and programs to reduce health care cost for employees.

incentaHEALTH helps companies and their employees become healthier through fun, simple, and effective wellness strategies. Their programs offer helpful tips and tools for learning how to lose weight, rededicating yourself to an exercise program and incorporating healthy fruits and vegetables into meals. The distinctive tools and cutting edge technology developed by incentaHEALTH are the perfect prescription for encouraging better health while reducing health care cost.

“We serve the corporate wellness market place and strive to reduce health care cost for employees and their families. Our unique programs and tools are fun, encouraging and very user friendly. We offer several options to assist with promoting a healthier lifestyle while working to reduce health care cost,” said Todd McGuire, Chief Operating Officer of incentaHEALTH.

incentaHEALTH offers several benefits that come with their program to reduce health care cost. Their cash incentive program is ideal for helping employees and their family members modify their lifestyles to include healthier choices. If body weight is lowered and stays at the new reduced level, the program rewards it’s participants with cash incentives.

The program also includes the cutting edge HEALTHspot Kiosk. The HEALTHspot Kiosk allows users to take advantage of a private, automated weighing station to keep track of their progress. In only 60 seconds, the kiosk provides the user with BMI information, automated measurements, weight updates and a private, digital photo for visual progress tracking.

This program from incentaHEALTH also comes with daily support via email. Every day, participants are emailed educational information, exercise techniques, healthy meal plans as well as motivational stories of success.

“The program is about more than just reducing the cost of health care; it’s about encouraging healthy choices and lifestyles. We are proud to take part in a program that is dedicated to providing health lifestyle options,” said McGuire.
To learn more about the programs designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce health care cost, visit www.incentahealth.com.

About incentaHEALTH:
incentaHEALTH is an innovative health care technology company based in Denver, Colo. incentaHEALTH’s fully outsourced, employee weight management program is designed to help organizations reduce health care cost by offering incentives to employees for improving their health. This is achieved by helping employees manage their weight through the use of interactive email

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