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nexMatrix Telecom, LLC., a global provider of world class telecommunications solutions, announced today that North American Telephone and Video, also known as NATNV, has signed it’s first VAR outside of an area it will locate. Protel Support will be the first office that provides full services of nexMatrix Telecom as a VAR and representative of NATNV. The company will provide full support to it’s customers from consumer, SOHO, SMB, and enterprise.

nexMatrix Telecom plans on opening 18 offices in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and South America. Offices outside of the NATNV geographic areas will be filled with VARS, representatives, and resellers that provide the same outstanding service and assistance as it’s own offices. Each VAR and representative will have full capabilities from telephone service to small offices and medium offices while others will have the capability to support an enterprise.

“We are truly excited that Protel Support has decided to join the NATNV family.”, said Dianne Ursini, nexMatrix Telecom, CEO. “Protel Support has demonstrated an excellent skill set and also embraces our company standards and ethics.“

“We are excited as company to join the NATNV family.”, said Lonnie Simmons, Protel Support, President. “nexMatrix Telecom’s NATNV provides the full complement of services and products with full support from a single entity, something we have been looking for for years”.

nexMatrix Telecom plans on bringing on numerous VARS to complement it’s current VAR network working in the SIP trunking and Protel PBX lines. Current VARS may be signing up while several WISPS are expected to come on board before years end. It is expected that by 2013, North American Telephone and Video will have a VAR, representative, or agent within driving distance to 85% of businesses in the United States.

VARS perform installations and setups while representatives understand and are knowledgeable about the products and services and can assist companies with selecting the correct technologies from the vast product offerings from NATNV. Agents mainly work directly with VARS, representatives, and NATNV personal providing a service similar to a representative.

To learn more about North American Telephone and Video, please visit www.natnv.com or www.protelsupport.com

About nexMatrix Telecom, LLC and North American Telephone and Video

nexMatrix Telecom, LLC headquartered in Nampa, Idaho, is a manufacturer of the Protel PBX, Protelity hosted PBX, SIP provisioning, private line circuits, fixed-line, Level 4 and 5 softswitches and CRM/ERP applications. The company markets and sells their products through Interconnects and Telecom Value Added Resellers. For more information please contact sales at www.nexmatrix.com or call at 208.697.5808.

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