/EINPresswire.com/ Small online marketing agency Brandfluent Digital are taking a bold step in showing why large Search agencies may results in robotic SEO

As property prices increase and the recession casts it’s ever gloomy shadow on profit margins; more and more businesses turn to selling their products online. To address the concerns small to medium sized businesses face approaching and working with smaller (and potentially cheaper) agencies; Brandfluent Digital have launched a controversial new blog post detailing a complete guide to “Finding a SEO agency”. Also including their popular “Reasons to Embrace SEO” and “Reasons to Embrace SMO” pdf’s as free downloads, the post is over 2,000 words detailing techniques and signals to look out for when placing your faith in a small online marketing agency.

This post is fit for businesses with no, little and large amounts of time spent working with search optimisation companies. It details several of the most obvious and popular black-hat techniques and controversially offers the company’s opinion as to why large corporate search agencies fail to offer value beyond the robotic confines of their procedures and inflexible systems. Drawing from the company’s employees experiences working in large search agencies, the post offers an honest and blunt indication of the money hungry, time poor offices in large search towers; offices which ration their efforts by fee as opposed to the amount of work actually required.

This post has proved very popular, generating a large number of emails and telephone calls from small business owners and disgruntled large search agencies. The downloads attached below are their Reasons to Embrace SEO & SMO, which have proven effective in both luring new clients and teaching at guest speaking appearances for the agency.

Brandfluent Digital

Brandfluent Digital is a small online marketing agency with a huge amount of clout. Situated in Shoreditch, East London; their team of Search and Social specialists boldly approach their marketplace with fun as an integral part of their agenda. Their unusual take on SLA’s, Contracts and client relations are proving a talking topic and their HTML 5 and J Query story-board site has attracted commentary from the likes of Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz (see the site here).

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