/EINPresswire.com/ The French Chauvet Cave Grotto was discovered in 1994. This ‘earliest’ Aurignacian Cave Art has mystified the few scientists and film crew who were allowed to enter. One visitor labeled the End Chamber, “Holy of Holies.” The just released movie, “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” by Werner Herzog speaks of scientists having lucid dreams/visions after being in the cave. People seeing the movie also report visions- unaffected by the cave’s high levels of carbon dioxide.

The star of this magical cave’s two incredible murals is the Angelic Winged Horse. Prevalent in Scripture and symbolic of the Creator’s Holy Spirit, the last two centuries have seen many Judeo-Christian Theologians downgrade their focus away from this Angelic Being. Apparently dismissing thirty millennium of evidence from Inspired Artists, Prophets, and the remainder of the world’s religions.

Viewing the movie allowed published metaphysical and Scripture scholars Sir Knight Daryl Breese and “Doctor of Dreams” Gerald D’Aoust to explain the religious symbolism and Truth conveyed by the artist- as still reflected in the Holy Books today. They recently published, “God’s Steed- Key to World Peace.” An exhaustive non-fiction look at the Angelic Horse with a Chauvet 35,000 year old “Pegasus” on the cover. They provide extensive documentation, claiming the existence of this supernatural being. Daryl Breese indeed reported a daylight sighting to the Catholic Church in 1994 (just before Chauvet was discovered) and they Knighted him. Divine timing?
The two murals are now the common starting point for subsequent lore, philosophy and Scripture. The Hillaire Chamber’s 20′ long ‘Creation Story’ is a simple parade where the centered winged horse, as Creator, leads a Wooly Mammoth (Universal Monarch of Life) with the Pig/Boar (symbolic as both Devil and fertility) confronting/waiting. That overlooks the cave’s sinkhole- symbolic of hell and life’s temporary nature.


The End Chamber’s 30′ long “Off the Ark” mural depicts an unnatural blended stream of mesmerized carnivores and herbivores. They are clearly disembarking through the Ark’s ‘pitch black’ side, which appears to be resting on the side of Mt. Ararat/Mt. Nimush/Mt. Mashu- all referenced to “twin peaks” from both epic stories of Gilgamesh and Noah. The busy Angelic Horse/Shamash (Sun-God) is revered/honored in the Chapel-like ‘twin peaked’ Niche symbolic of the mountain and heart where we see the Horse busy pumping life back into the earth. Click on the Niche box in the mural lin below…


Hebrew Scholars generally descended from the people who wrote the Old Testament and explain it’s recorded ‘timelines’ as ‘guidelines’- this would account for both the ‘earlier’ Gilgamesh Epic flood story and now, the ‘earliest’- Scripture connected Chauvet, which will be studied for years to come.

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