Aesthetic Dental Designs(R), Home of the Top Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentists, Helps to Relieve Patient Discomfort with TMJ Treatment and Therapy

/ LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIF. – Issues related to a person’s mouth can be extremely painful or uncomfortable, especially the condition known as temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, disorder. Specialists at Aesthetic Dental Designs(R) are among the most experienced Newport Beach cosmetic dentists capable of treating the condition.

“People who suffer from TMJ disorder are not only burdened with tooth wear and sensitivity, but they can also experience fairly severe headaches that are often debilitating,” said Dr. Todd Snyder, of Aesthetic Dental Designs(R). “Without seeking treatment, the problem can get much worse. We have some of the most qualified TMJ experts on our staff, and we know how to relieve your pain.”

TMJ disorder occurs when joints within the jaw are not properly aligned, preventing the jaw from properly functioning. Early symptoms could include a “pop” or “click” while talking or eating. Sometimes, the patient feels no pain, but rather feels sensitivity in the teeth or a dull, persistent headache. The symptoms can progress to the point of being unbearable.

The Newport Beach cosmetic dentists at Aesthetic Dental Designs(R) focus on more than simply temporary pain relief in the form of medication. The dentists address the jaw joint factors that actually cause the pain and attempt to restore the functionality of the jaw itself.

“There is no need to suffer from an ‘incurable’ headache,” Dr. Snyder said. “Contact Aesthetic Dental Designs(R) today to learn more about our treatments for TMJ disorder, as well as the many other cosmetic treatments we offer.”

Dr. Todd Snyder is an Orange County Dentist, author and international lecturer. His dental office emphasizes general dental care as well as cosmetic procedures and TMJ therapy. Dr. Snyder is available to provide more information at 949-643-6733, or visit Aesthetic Dental Designs(R) online at

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