/EINPresswire.com/ SAN DIEGO, CA — Finding the best deal on a textbook can often take more time than busy students have available. To alleviate this problem, the new website TextbookShowdown.com provides students with current pricing on some of the most popular textbooks used today.

It’s hard for students to find the time to research the best prices on textbooks. There isn’t an obvious go-to textbook website, yet great pricing is exactly what students need. We created TextbookShowdown.com as a way for students to cut through the clutter to quickly find the current prices on textbooks in a fun and easy manner.

The textbook price comparison site pulls data from several of the top online sites that rent, sell or buy textbooks, such as Valorebooks.com, Textbooks.com, BiggerBooks.com, eCampus.com and BookRenter, among others. Then the showdown begins. Textbook prices are clearly indicated with shipping costs separated. Users are able to easily see the total price of the purchase including book price and shipping, as well as whether or not the book is in stock.

Visitors seeking to sell or rent textbooks will also find the site useful since they can search against those two criteria and see which site offers them the best price for their merchandise. TextbookShowdown.com’s user-friendly, searchable database makes finding specific books easy, and its simple, grid-like presentation of results helps users quickly find the best deals. Additionally, on the ‘Winners’ page, site visitors get a breakdown of which online textbook company is the overall best for buying versus which is best for selling or renting.

For added benefit and amusement, students can also review the site’s fun, light-hearted product descriptions on select popular textbooks. For example, instead of a traditional, dry review of a religion textbook, TextbookShowdown.com creatively mentions that readers likely ‘know nothing about the world’s religions that [they] didn’t learn from one of Madonna’s MTV Video Award acceptance speeches.’ Who says textbooks have to be boring?

Additionally, to help students save even more money on book purchases, TextbookShowdown.com also provides links to relevant coupon codes and discounts from the top textbook merchants. Students can currently access online coupons for percentage off total purchase amounts, free shipping offers and more. To view the latest coupon deals available at TextbookShowdown.com, visit http://TextbookShowdown.com/category/textbook-coupons/.

About TextbookShowdown.com: TextbookShowdown.com was created by Living Better Media to offer students looking to buy or rent textbooks the best textbook websites in an easy-to-find manner. The unique textbook price comparison tool compiles current pricing data and provides a clear cost breakdown. The goal of TextbookShowdown.com is to save students money and have fun while doing so.

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