Denture Repair Lab, leading company to repair dentures, offers a high quality duplicate denture service to patients. This service makes an exact replica of the client’s denture, and is handy during emergency or loss.

/ Providence, RI — Losing or breaking your dentures can be stressful, not only due to the cost incurred, but due to the discomfort of not having a comfortable denture on hand. Many labs are quite expensive to order two sets of dentures, but with Denture Repair Lab, clients can easily order a duplicate denture while the company is completing teeth repair services. Patients can feel at ease, knowing that they will have an extra set of teeth they already know is comfortable, thanks to the high tech technology used.

Denture Repair Lab can produce a duplicate denture from the denture sent in for repair, without any additional dentist visits. Even partials or dentures with implants can be duplicated exactly, and clients also get the option to change the shade of white for their new teeth. Although repairs are mailed back the same business day, duplicate dentures are sent out within three business days. This is still a very efficient turnaround time in the denture industry.

“If you know you need to repair dentures, do yourself a favor and order a duplicate set just in case. There’s no worse feeling than hiding your mouth in public while waiting for your dentures to come back from repair, as well as not being able to eat,” said Anna Freeman of Denture Repair Lab (

The dentures are made in two separate pieces, instead of one, and then calibrated to match the original set precisely. Denture Repair Lab wants to remind their patients that wearing ill-fitting dentures or those in need of repair can cause discomfort, and to visit their dentist regularly to ensure a proper fit.

“Often, we hear from our patients that they prefer the duplicate denture over their old set. It’s the same idea as having a spare pair of glasses or an extra house key; you don’t want to be caught without them!” concluded Freeman.

About Denture Repair Lab
Established in 1998, Denture Repair Lab aims to provide same-day, affordable, and professional denture repair services directly to consumers. The company specializes in crown and bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, implant, and full-cast restorations. After serving thousands of customers in both the United States and Canada, Denture Repair Lab has never received negative feedback, proving their commitment to providing high quality, lost cost services.

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