/EINPresswire.com/San Diego, CA. – November 30, 2011 – PageTech, the leader in PCL print stream transformation, extraction, and re-engineering software, today announced the release of its new PCLMagic Printer Driver. This new industry-exclusive PCL printer driver embeds searchable text into PCL print streams before the printer driver generates them, saving all the text in its natural unscrambled state. Both the monochrome (PCL5e) and color (PCL5c) PCLMagic drivers call our custom programs to insert Unicode and UTF-8 text values into the print stream to circumvent the way in which Windows printer drivers “scramble” the text in PCL print streams.

“Our exclusive ability to extract text before it’s scrambled and use it to create text searchable PDF files from complex PCL is what truly sets us apart from the competition,” says Robert Pooley, president of PageTech. “The PCLMagic driver enables us to capture text in any language and extract it later downstream for file splitting, auto-indexing, converting to fully text searchable PDFs or re-purposing into TransPromo documents”.

PCLMagic Printer Driver Features:

•Both monochrome (PCL5e) and color (PCL5c) versions available
•Installs automatically with the PCLTool SDK
•Uses the correct Unicode or UTF-8 character cell assignments when extracting text
•Print Manager Data can also be captured by our Port Monitor and inserted into the PCL print stream as PJL comments to let our transformation tools know who generated the print file.
•PCLMagic drivers and Port Monitor install and uninstall easily without affecting the core SDK installation.


Our PCLMagic printer drivers are included in PCLTool SDK v11.61 and install as the PCL2PDF and PCLPrint drivers for demo purposes. PCLTool SDK v11.61 live evaluation is available from the pagetech.com website.

All PageTech products come with a 30-day refund guarantee. Single licenses for PCLTool SDK start at USD $425 for (32-bit) or $495 for (64-bit) with custom configuration/licensing options available.

About PageTech

Established in 1993, Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (www.pagetech.com), based in San Diego, CA, USA, is the leading consultancy firm specializing in print stream transformation, optimization, text extraction and manipulation products for developers, systems integrators and MIS departments.

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Brad Ridgeway
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