/EINPresswire.com/The cause of this economic mess is the collective and individual emotionally challenged behavior on such a mass scale. From the gridlock in Washington to Wall Street greed. From divorce to depression, from irresponsible spending to irresponsible lending, from
bloated defense budgets to drug addictions it is all due to our emotionally challenged brains.

Of course there are hard core economic reasons too. America is gradually producing less and less real goods at sustainable rates and it is shifting more and more to a service industry. Just imagine New York City has a major chunk of it’s income from the income tax on stock trading, trading that is more or less gambling!

We will have to start producing real goods and reverse this trend by creating business enterprise zones. And my Wisdom Industry is not just an essential medicine it is a huge stimulus package that will create wealth and jobs.

As an observer looking at education in America I feel that the state of education in America is far worse that most experts realize. Just image/put-under-the-microscope the state of affairs when Bayer tried to replicate results of 67 studies published in academic journals, nearly two-thirds failed to be replicated. Just imagine the top accredited journals where fully vetted papers are published that are plain fraud!
Just look at the top experts who should be the very essence of integrity indulging in emotionally challenged behavior!

Again only 54%of college students get a degree in 6 years. In the meantime the student loan has crossed 1 trillion dollars.

I have figured out the biggest cause for of all this
mess: it is because we do not address the problem of emotionally challenged brains that are left to fend for themselves. I have figured out how to teach emotional intelligence education. My biggest regret
is that in spite of many experts raising the red flag for this mess in education and my own path to a whole new Wisdom Industry the authorities are still ignoring our pleas to examine my suggestions.

Our Biggest Problem in Education.

There is just one specific reason why life is such a complicated affair for more than half our people. We pollute the brains of every generation with emotional baggage that generates trophy self images. 80% of us indulge in emotionally challenged behavior that has a
rippling effect on all life, from economics to relationships and everything else in between.

Our biggest problem in education is that our experts still have not woken up to the fact that the emotional baggage is the root cause of the major part of the ills of society including evil. All emotionally
challenged behavior is caused by our individual and group emotional baggage.

Thus the objective of emotional intelligence education is very crystal clear and very specific. The aim is to not let emotional baggage get into the brain structure of our future generations so we need to develop courses for parents and teachers to start our children free of emotional baggage and develop brain therapy and life coaching courses for those who are already saddled with emotional baggage.

We have over 28,000 books on wisdom and perhaps 6-7,000 books on emotional intelligence yet our experts have yet to define wisdom as super mature emotional intelligence. At it’s highest developed stage emotional intelligence is wisdom. And wisdom is already well defined by the Buddha and Jesus, by Krishna and Kabir. By Guru Nanak and Sai Baba. It is very simple ‘WISDOM IS A PROPERTY OF THE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE FREE BRAIN.’ This is all that there is to
defining the objective of emotional intelligence education: educating our brains to become emotional baggage free.

The big problem in education is this lack of a single subject that teaches emotional intelligence which really boils down to one precise objective: educating students to become emotional baggage free brains.

In spite of all this talk of the importance of emotional intelligence we are still educating just half our brains that educates our intelligence/minds. The other half that educates our brains/emotional
intelligence we not only neglect we saddle with severe emotional baggage of trophy self images.

Unfortunately we let our emotional baggage generated biochemical reactions in the brain project a phony self image. Thus we let our emotional baggage answer this most crucial, ‘Who am I?’ question of our lives. We need to know, understand and become our pure self so that when we ask our self, ‘Who am I?’ the answer comes from our pure self and not from our phony self image.

How complicated can wisdom/brain education be? All we need to become wise is to get rid of the emotional baggage. Yes it is tough for -2 and even -1 brains but if it is a cancer we still have to take care of
it. The good part for America is that our emotional intelligence education culture creates a majority of +1 brains which means most Americans are just one step below wise. So the majority of American +1 brains can be retooled into +2 brains. Also we can stop creating +1 brains and start creating +2 brains in our future adult generations.

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