Business Automation Systems, Inc., a certified GoldMine consultant and trainer for GoldMine sales software has updated their corporate website,, to provide additional CRM resources, GoldMine pricing, and on-line webinar registration for their customers.

/ GLENVIEW, IL—Business Automation Solutions, Inc. a certified GoldMine consultant and trainer, has updated their website at, to better serve their customers.

“The website changes are designed to improve the site aesthetically as well as functionally,” said Pamela S. Pearl, Certified GoldMine Consultant and Partner with Business Automation Solutions, Inc., The new website was launched in early October and features a fresh, modern logo for the company coupled with a soothing professional theme and sharp, attractive graphics to guide the visitor through the site. Company information and resources about CRM, such as educational whitepapers, and GoldMine add-on product information have been included along with the ability to register online for complimentary and paid training webinars.

“We are known for our live, on-line training programs and webinars, which we offer continually. They are designed to provide insights for any company using GoldMine or considering GoldMine as their CRM solution,” said Pearl. “The online registration process now makes it easier for customers to choose the training program they need according to their goals.” The new site also offers a GoldMine Premium new features video, access to GoldMine support and articles about CRM and GoldMine products, as well as a new GoldMine pricing information page. “The addition of a pricing page is another favorite feature of website visitors,” said Pearl.

About Business Automation Solutions, Inc.:
Business Automation Solutions Inc. is a certified GoldMine consultant and trainer since 1995, offering Goldmine support, pricing and customized, value-added products for GoldMine, including IntelliSend(R) email merge engine software and IntelliClick(R) web tracking software for GoldMine. For IntelliClick/IntelliSend inquiries, please call 888-827-5628 x204.

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