Luxury private label soap manufacturers, SFIC, is now offering natural soap bar options as well as custom made soaps for their online shoppers.

/ For nearly half a century, SFIC has been known as one of the top rated private label soap manufacturers. Their impressive selection coupled with outstanding customer service practices has made them the go-to resource for custom soap products, natural soap bar options and more.

Separating themselves from the competition, SFIC offers their customers the ability to create their own custom soaps. Starting with a natural soap bar, customers are able to choose the size, shape, scent, color and add-ins for their custom soap order. The customized soap creation combined with the solid reputation of private label soap manufacturers is a huge selling point for customers.

The natural soap bar from SFIC is a popular choice not only for those creating a custom order, but also for those with sensitive skin or skin condition that require fragrance free soap.

To learn more about the natural soap bar options and other custom soap bar options available at SFIC, please visit their website at

About SFIC:
SFIC has been manufacturing luxury soap products since 1967. They cater to commercial shoppers. Their huge selection of exfoliating soap bars, natural soap bar options and custom soap orders has earned them the loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers.

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SFIC Corp.
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