Financial news source and review site, Online-Spread-Betting, has added a brand new review of

/ news source and review site, Online-Spread-Betting, has added a brand new review of This latest update adds to the array of spread betting company reviews that the site already offers.

Spread betting has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years. The increase in the number of traders and investors choosing the derivative can be put down to a range of factors.

Some will cite the fact that spread betting is tax free*, with no stamp duty, no capital gains tax and no income tax. Others will say that it is due to the range of markets that are available, while others may argue that it’s due to the flexibility of the derivative; speculators can often spread bet online, over the phone and on smartphones.

However, regardless of the reason, spread betting is certainly becoming more popular. And with that increase in popularity comes a growing number of spread betting companies.

Many of the firms and services differ but one of the most notable differences can be the size of the ‘spread’ itself. With financial spread betting there are no commissions or brokers’ fees and so the size, or width, of the spread becomes increasingly important to investors. This is because whether an investor wins or loses on a trade the width of the spread is seen as one of the main trading costs.

There are other differentiating features though such as whether a firm offers charts, stop losses, demo accounts and 24 hour spread betting.

This is why the financial website has been releasing a series of spread betting reviews. The latest one, released this week, looks at

Emma Franklin, Editor at, says that company reviews have been launched in response to the increasing popularity of the derivative.

“The growth of spread betting has meant that there are now a range of spread betting companies. Some of these companies offer tighter spreads than others, and the range of markets that are available differs too,” she said.

“That is why we’ve launched this latest guide, to help spread bettors decide on which spread trading company is right for them.”

The review offers a general overview of the company and assesses which markets the company offers. To add to this, it also takes a detailed look at what services the company offers, including trading charts, stops losses/guaranteed stop losses, demo accounts and 24 hour trading.


Online-Spread-Betting is a trading website that offers a range of services for spread bettors, including daily market analysis, financial spread betting prices, daily spread betting tips, regular trading news and technical analysis. is a spread betting company that offers over 2,500 markets, trading charts, 24 hour spread betting, stop losses, guaranteed stop losses and demo accounts. is a trading name of London Capital Group which is regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority.

Financial spread betting is a geared investment product which carries a high degree of risk and investors can lose more than their initial stake or deposit.

Investors should only speculate with capital that they can afford to lose and before spread betting they should make sure that they are familiar with the risks involved and seek independent financial advice where necessary.

* As per current UK tax law, this may differ or change depending upon personal circumstances.

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