/EINPresswire.com/ CCNA-classes.com announces the release of new online Cisco Certified Network Associate training class. Although ccna-classes.com promotes the benefits of hands-on, interactive computer training, they also acknowledge the need of training online for people who do not necessarily have the time to dedicate to a strict classroom schedule.

The launch of the CCNA online training class should be a success, especially with the market for this type of training growing so rapidly. “We are excited about the introduction of the online courses. We’ve had students asking for a product like this for a while now, so we’re thrilled to finally have it available to our clients. We took our time and made sure that we put out a high-quality product instead of rushing to release something that was mediocre…” said Ashley Duffy, CCNA-classes.com Marketing Manager. The CCNA online training class comes with e-courseware and study guides for the certification exam. This course is self-paced and instructor-led. It is designed into modules that break the material down into logical lessons that are supplemented with live demonstrations of labs. There is a direct link on their website where interested people can purchase their online CCNA training class.

CCNA-classes.com has been providing computer certification training to people, companies and agencies since 2010. They connect IT professionals with the best local or online training options to achieve the CISCO CCNA certification. For information on their online course, visit their website or call (888) 236-1411.

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Ashley Duffy

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