/EINPresswire.com/ Burns Stainless LLC specializes in exhaust technology, systems and components. Burns Stainless LLC offers custom exhaust kits and high-quality parts for motorsports performance vehicles.

Burns Stainless LLC is offering custom exhaust kits at great values for drag racing, road racing and autocross vehicles. Burns Stainless LLC’s performance-enhancing custom exhaust kits are tailored to fit various race-engine specifications for any type of racing application. Burns Stainless LLC’s special values also include ultralight race mufflers that are innovatively designed for racing and long-lasting durability.

Burns Stainless LLC’s craftspeople are qualified and trained to build exhaust kits that are customized to meet the needs of specialized race engines. Burns Stainless LLC creates custom exhaust kits with high-quality performance parts and components including 100% stainless-steel race mufflers, tubing and merge collectors. Exhaust systems are built for the enhancement needs of any type of race driver and racing terrain.

“As leaders in racing exhaust technology, we’re dedicated to providing racecar driving professionals and high-performance vehicle enthusiasts with one-of-a-kind products that can maximize their experiences,” says Burns Stainless representative Vincent Roman. “All of our products are built with integrity and technological expertise. We love cars and racing too! Whether our customers are looking for a particular exhaust component or need professional assistance on motorsports’ exhaust technology, our team is always happy and willing to help!”

For a custom racing exhaust system, drivers must fill out a Race Engine Specification Form. This form provides the exhaust specialists at Burns Stainless LLC with all of the information needed to custom fabricate an exhaust kit built for maximum performance. The form ensures that every component and desired performance goal is clearly specified. Details such as peak horsepower, desired gain and fuel system type are important for expert customization.

Burns Stainless LLC is also featuring ultralight race mufflers in a variety of styles for exhaust system rebuilds. TIG-welded racing mufflers are designed with a “floating” core as well as sound attenuation and custom length options.

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Burns Stainless LLC is a leader in technological exhaust innovation. Burns Stainless LLC offers custom-built exhaust kits and other specialized components for drag racing, road racing and motorsports applications. Available racing components include various types of high-quality tubing, ultralight racing mufflers, merge collectors, made-to-order transitions, seam-welded megaphones and other performance-enhancing hardware. In addition to premium products, Burns Stainless LLC provides personal exhaust solutions and professional customer service.

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