b-Calm is A Non-Medication Alternative to Assist with Sensory Challenges and is offers Free Shipping and Holiday Discounts through the end of the year.

/EINPresswire.com/ Huxley, Iowa – b-Calm, llc, developed the b-Calm™ system as a noise intervention tool for individuals with Autism and ADHD – individuals who have difficulty with the many sensory challenges in the environment. The b-Calm helps these individuals in a multitude of situations at home, school and in the community by allowing them to focus, concentrate and avoid increased agitation.

The original product – b-Calm GP – features the specially designed AudioSedation™ audio tracks pre-loaded onto an mp3 player, and comes with both headphones (child or adult-sized) and earbuds. Unlike typical white noise, or other “noise cancellation” tools, AudioSedation is an assistive technology optimized for any environment.

The b-Calm PRO is a touch screen device that includes the pre-loaded audio tracks and over 100 illustrations that can be used to develop social stories and schedules. It is also packaged with both headphones and earbuds.

Now sold separately, the package of four audio tracks can be purchased online for those individuals who already have mp3 players of their own. The tracks feature not only soothing natural sounds but also the key noise control components that are invaluable for optimal performance with this specific audience.

The four audio tracks are:

•Spring Rain
•Summer Forest
•Sunday Drive
•Tropical Beach

Through December 2011, b-Calm is offering free shipping and a discount of 15% on all b-Calm products. It’s easy to purchase online at http://b-calmsound.com/b-Calm/store. To receive the discount, use this promotional code when you order: HOLIDAY11.

b-Calm, llc began its journey in 2007 with a passion to help improve the quality of life for those individuals and their families dealing with Autism, ADHD/ADD and other special needs. Founded by Dr. Ken Budke, b-Calm is led by a passionate and dedicated team of professionals focused on leading-edge assistive technologies and intervention tools with the ultimate goal of quality of life and individual empowerment.

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