/EINPresswire.com/ Lash Relongé Naturally Grows and Thickens Eyelashes in Weeks

French based beauty product Lash Relongé safely and naturally makes eyelashes grow longer and fuller, making the need for false extensions and messy glues obsolete.

Lash extensions are only a quick fix for luscious eyelashes that come with many restrictions and hassles. They are expensive, time consuming lash products that are high maintenance and require constant touch ups.

But now Beauté de Paris’ eyelash growth serum Lash Relonge offers women a permanent solution. Lash Relongé is the most effective lash stimulator on the market and guarantees natural thicker, longer eyelashes that never have to be removed.

While lash extensions involve messy glues that often cause irritation, Lash Relongé is made with top moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin, pumpkin seed and Vitamin B to nourish and strengthen existing lashes and enable them to grow and expand at a rapid pace.

Falsies can take hours to apply and even more time is spent with the after-care instructions. With Lash Relongé, users just have to apply the fast acting serum to the eyelash line right before bed and see results within four weeks or they receive a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Beauté de Paris’ Lash Relongé is a fast acting, clinically tested hair growth stimulator designed to grow and enhance natural eyelashes. Its top notch ingredients make it safe for those with sensitive eyes and it helps to prevent lash breakage. One unit is priced at $99.99. More information about Lash Relongé visit their website at www.beautedeparis.fr/lash-relonge-2.html.

About Beauté de Paris

Beauté de Paris is a French beauty products company that caters to both men and women. It currently offers products that reduce wrinkles, stimulate eyelash growth, promote thicker eyebrows, improve skin brightening, fade varicose veins and diminish eye bags and dark circles. Beauté de Paris products are manufactured with great precision and are tested by independent laboratories. Visit their website at www.beautedeparis.fr.


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