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The holidays are notorious for expanding waistlines with high calorie, fattening comfort foods and desserts. Lab88’s MetaboSpeed offers a solution to stave off unhealthy indulgences and unwanted pounds.

Hefty holiday meals induce mindless eating and too large portions, causing weight gain. MetaboSpeed works to reduce food cravings, allowing users to eat less. While everyone is reaching for unnecessary third and fourth helpings, the MetaboSpeed user will be satisfied with one plate without reaching for desserts.

MetaboSpeed also works to boost metabolism, helping users to burn more calories quicker. While users enjoy small portions of holiday meals, their increased metabolism will effectively burn those calories, preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss.

By reducing hunger and enhancing metabolism, MetaboSpeed users will refrain from mindless eating and will be able to make smarter choices at the dinner table. They are more apt to pick healthier options like vegetables and lean meats over fattening choices like stuffing and butter drenched mashed potatoes.

MetaboSpeed is the go-to diet pill for a healthier lifestyle. Its combination of Guarana, Bitter Orange and Garcinia blend burns fat and increases energy and hunger control, making it just as effective as Ephedra.

The Mayo Clinic reported that “Bitter orange contains synephrine and octopamine — chemicals that are similar to ephedrine in ephedra.”

MetaboSpeed is a natural diet supplement that increases metabolism while decreasing the appetite. It is one of Lab88’s most popular products and has gotten national attention by being the celebrities’ choice for effective weight loss. One bottle is priced $49.99 and lasts one month. For more information visit their website at www.metabospeedx.com.

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