/EINPresswire.com/ Ambiatol Ingredient Passion Flower Has Proven Calming Effects

Studies show that the natural herb Passion Flower in Lab88’s sleep inducing supplement Ambiatol is beneficial for anxiety and stress in addition to insomnia.

The Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics featured a double blind study that evaluated 32 people suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, in which the primary symptoms were excessive anxiety and stress. Results showed that Passion Flower is an effective herb for managing anxiety and worry.

Passion Flower contains several Flavonoids, which work to incite a sedative effect in the Central Nervous System. The main active component in Passion Flower is Chrysin, which is an herbal remedy for anxiety. It is theorized that the combination of Flavonoids makes Passion Flower an anxiolytic. This promotes relaxation, eases tension and reduces anxiety caused by emotional stress.

By eliminating stress and anxiety, Ambiatol prevents mental and emotional problems. It helps to fix insomnia, headaches, irritability and depression. It also relieves stress related hypertension.

Ambiatol is an all natural herbal supplement, making it the perfect alternative to medications and drugs. It is beneficial to all anxiety sufferers that are victims of stress, whether the stress is from work, home or lifestyle changes.

Ambiatol is also a supplemental sleep aid that is designed to ease insomnia. Along with Passion Flower, it also contains Valerian and a proprietary blend that induces sleep, eases jet lag and calms nerves.

One bottle is priced at $49.99 and Lab88 also offers a risk free trial. For more information visit www.ambiatol.com.

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